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 Snowshoe/Siamese Mix 11 months old Posted:5/16/2013

Snowshoe books Snowshoe Pet Tags
Breed: Snowshoe
Age: 11 months
Price: $900

Maxi is a very special cat. He is 11 months old. He is truly a character and tends to act like a child. Very playful, at times hyper, Maxi loves to run around and play all the time. I have had Maxi his entire life. I have disciplined him and he is very well behaved. He knows not to jump on the kitchen counters or tables. He likes his litter box and food/water to be very clean. He is litter box trained and never makes a mess. His fur does not shed, and is not too long. Maxi always follows me around the house. I am never alone and neither is he. He always likes company, following me by my side as I walk throughout my home. He is very sweet and knows when he is being loved. He is great around guests. He is calm, and doesn't pounce on people. Also, I have taken him to get all his shots, and he has been neutered. Maxi has always been an indoor cat because I live in an apartment. He loves the windows and I know he would love to be an outdoor cat if he is given the opportunity. I also know, Maxi never takes the chance to run outside the front door when it is open. He stays inside, always. So I assume if he is let out, he will come back, just like any other cat. Unfortunately, my apartment does not allow pets. It is my duty to find Maxi a new home. He deserves nothing but the best. I will NOT sell this cat to a family who does not commit to the responsibilities of having a cat. I want nothing but love for this cat.
Please feel free to email me for any questions.

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