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Bengal books Bengal Pet Tags
Breed: Bengal
Age: Kittens
Price: $500 & UP

Have you ever wanted an exotic hybrid living room lap leopard cat with a dog-like personality? The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat bred from the Asian Leopard cat (Felis Bengalensis) and the domestic cat- mainly Egyptian Maus, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Ocicat, and domestic shorthaired cats. Bengals were TICA's #1 breed again in 2009! Our small in home cattery with a big heart now has available; 2 litters for a total of 8 Bengal kittens (6 brown/black spotted and 2 black/brown marble with 6 females and 2 males). Available as pets and breeder/show (to an approved breeding program). They were born 3/9 & 3/10. Our kittens usually stay with their littermates until they are at least 10-12 weeks old, to avoid behavioral problems associated with kittens being separated from their litters too soon. We want to ensure that by the time you pick up your kitten, the kitten is fully weaned from its mother, eating solid food, and using the litter box. We also want to ensure that our kittens are socialized at that point, to interact with their new family, including children and pets. From birth they are held and pampered numerous times daily and raised with children, adults and other animals. This is an advantage because our cats will be highly socialized when they come into your home! We strive for extreme contrast in color and a wild, exotic look quality not for quantity. Our Bengal cats are also fed fresh chicken for excellent nutrition with no preservatives. Bengal cats have a wonderful temperament. The Bengal is easily leash trained, loves water, loves to jump and climb high into the air, learns tricks easily, and is significantly more intelligent (and bigger) than a normal cat, and are usually hypoallergenic (they have a fur pelt, little to no shedding & no cat dander). They are TICA pedigree registered F-4 (fourth generation) SBT (studbook tradition) Bengals. They are sent to their new home with a starter kit which includes; Royal Canin food and a kitten care guide in a nice pouch, a contract with a health guarantee and your kittens vaccination, de-worming, wellness check up record from our veterinarian.

Each of our babies are precious to us and are placed in approved homes only. Bengal kittens sell quickly! Now taking deposits ($100 for pet, $300 breeder/show). Pets are priced at $500-$700. Breeder/Show $1,200 & up.

THANK YOU! >^..^<

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