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Turkish Van Breed Information
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Turkish Van
The Turkish Van Cats coat has no woolly undercoat and soft. long. and silky with a seasonal coat. They have oval eyes that are larger and animated. The eyes can be blue. amber. or odd-eyed (one of each). The cheekbones are high with a rounded chin and neat rounded muzzle. The nose has a downward curve with large. high ears that turn slightly to the side. The body is long with a broad chest and powerful legs. The tail is usually medium length and is brush or plume.
The ideal of a perfect coat for the Turkish Van is one that is chalk-white without yellow coloration and with colored markings on the tail and head. There is sometimes a small marking of color on forehead that does not extend past eye line with a white blaze. The registry recognizes these colors: auburn & white. auburn tabby & white. cream & white. cream tabby & white. black & white. black tabby & white. blue & white. blue tabby and white. tortoiseshell & white. tortoiseshell tabby & white. The United Kingdom will only allow auburn and cream.
The Turkish Van originated from Anatolia or what is now known as Turkey in the southeastern area of Lake Van. Two English ladies. Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington. while visiting the Lake Van area of Turkey purchased two cats and brought them back to Great Britain. For four years they bred these two cats and consistently got the same markings. The ladies took another trip to Turkey and purchased two more cats. The Turkish Van was first recognized in Great Britain as the Turkish Cat in 1969. but later the name became the Turkish Van.
The Turkish Van Cat coat is fairly easy to maintain. Daily combing and brushing is recommended.
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