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Turkish Van Breed Information
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Turkish Van
The Turkish Van Cats coat has no woolly undercoat and soft. long. and silky with a seasonal coat. They have oval eyes that are larger and animated. The eyes can be blue. amber. or odd-eyed (one of each). The cheekbones are high with a rounded chin and neat rounded muzzle. The nose has a downward curve with large. high ears that turn slightly to the side. The body is long with a broad chest and powerful legs. The tail is usually medium length and is brush or plume.
The ideal of a perfect coat for the Turkish Van is one that is chalk-white without yellow coloration and with colored markings on the tail and head. There is sometimes a small marking of color on forehead that does not extend past eye line with a white blaze. The registry recognizes these colors: auburn & white. auburn tabby & white. cream & white. cream tabby & white. black & white. black tabby & white. blue & white. blue tabby and white. tortoiseshell & white. tortoiseshell tabby & white. The United Kingdom will only allow auburn and cream.
The Turkish Van Cat coat is fairly easy to maintain. Daily combing and brushing is recommended.
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