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Turkish Angora Breed Information
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Turkish Angora
The Turkish Angora Cats have no undercoat and its coat is fine and silky. The length of the coat is medium and wavy on the underside. They have almond shaped eyes that are large and slant upwards slightly. The preferred eye color is amber and may have flecks of green. The White cats can have blue or odd-eyed (one of each) colors and the Silver Tabbies are required to have green. The Turkish Angora Cats have a firm chin that is rounded with a slim neck. The nose has no break and is medium long. sometimes having a gently slope. The ears are wide. tall. erect. and set high. The body is medium to small with a long torso. The tail is usually long and wide and is carried lower than the body.
The Turkish Angora in the beginning white as the only recognized color. today the Turkish Angora comes in a range of colors and patterns. The Solid or Bicolor cats are black. red. cream or blue. The Tabby or Mackerel Tabby cats are the colors of blue. red. brown and silver. The Turkish Angora also comes in Bluecream. Tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell & White. Calico. and Smokes.
The Turkish Angora Cats are a natural breed that originated from Turkey and flourished there for centuries. During the 1500s sailors brought the Turkish Angora Cats to North America and Europe. The Turkish Angora Cats were essential in the breeding programs for the longhaired Persians and the Turkish Angora Cats were nearly wiped out. In Turkey in the early 20th century. a breeding program was established at the Ankara Zoo by the Turkish government to preserve the pure white cats. Today in Turkey the white Turkish Angora is highly prized. The Turkish Angora Cats were exported during the 1950s and 1960s to Great Britain. Sweden and North America. Breeding programs began in these areas and formed the foundation stock for the pedigree of the Turkish Angora Cats.
The Turkish Angora Cat is considered a semi-longhair. This cat is playfully athletic with a gentle temperament and makes a great house pet. The Turkish Angora Cat prefers human companionship and gives devotion and love to their owner. The Turkish Angora Cat is finely boned. elegant and attractive but molts a great deal in the summertime.
The Turkish Angora Cat coat is fairly easy to maintain. Daily combing and brushing is recommended.
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