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Somali Breed Information
You are here: > Cat Breeds > Somali Breed Information
The Somali Cat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Usual is gold-brown. apricot. ticked with black. The Sorrel is apricot ticked with cinnamon. The Fawn is mushroom ticked with fawn. The Chocolate is apricot ticked with dark brown. The Lilac is apricot ticked with lilac. The Blue is mushroom ticked with blue. The Somali Cat also comes in red. cream. and several versions of Silver colors and tortoiseshell colors.
The Somali Cats are considered to be a semi-longhair. This cat need lots of attention and does not like being confined indoors. The Somali Cats are smart. energetic. playful. and loving. The Somali Cats are slow to mature and only reach there full size at about 18 months old. These cats average about three to four kittens per litter. They are delightful and striking cats that are very alert. lively. and seem to have a smiling expression. The Somali Cats are somewhat fox-like in appearance.
The Somali Cats coat is easy to maintain if groomed regularly.
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