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Siamese Breed Information
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The Siamese cats cat are considered to be a shorthair cat breed. The coat is short. glossy and fine in texture. The medium-sized eyes are almond-shaped and slightly slanting toward the nose. The eye color is a clear blue. The large ears are wide at the base and pointed. The medium-sized head is similar to a long tapering wedge with a long and slim neck. The medium-sized body is long with hard muscles. The legs are long and slender with small paws. The tail is long and thin.
The Siamese cats have a mask that covers the whole face but does not go over the top of the head. The points are at the mask. ears. feet. legs and tail. The body color is usually even with a hint of shading. The color points may be seal. chocolate. blue and lilac. In the points there is usually no white hairs or ticking. The older Siamese cats may get darker with ago.
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