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Maine Coon Breed Information
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Maine Coon
The Maine Coon Cats coat has no undercoat and is waterproof. thick. and dense. They have full eyes that are rounded and have a slightly slanting aperture. The eyes can be all colors as well as odd-eyed and blue in white cats. The cheekbones are high with full cheeks. solid chin. and square muzzle. These cats have a slightly concave nose. with large. high. wide set ears. The body is long in the back with a long. tapering bushy tail and legs and paws that are substantial. The tail is usually carried high.
The Maine Coon Cat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Solid cats are black. white. red. cream or blue. The Tabby and Tortoiseshell cats are classic colors and mackerel patterns; some may also have silver distinctions. The Maine Coon Cats also comes in smoke. shaded. bi-color. van bi-color. and tortoiseshell and white. If the cat is patched. only one-third white is ideal.
The Maine Coon Cat is considered a semi-longhair. This breed is one of the largest in the world with an average weight of 20 pounds. The Maine Coon Cat is reputed to be a clever and skillful hunter. This cat is big. powerfully built. and a great climber. The Maine Coon Cat usually has fairly small litters with only two or three kittens. Rexed (curly coated) cats are not approved in this breed.
The Maine Coon Cats coat seldom gets matted. however regular combing and brushing is recommended.
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