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Javanese Breed Information
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The Javanese cats coat comes in many color. color combinations and patterns. The solid point colors are red. cream. blue-cream. lilac-cream. cinnamon. fawn and fawn-cream. The lynx point cats are seal. chocolate. blue. lilac. red. cream. seal-tortoiseshell. chocolate-tortoiseshell. blue-cream. cinnamon. fawn and lilac-cream. The tortoiseshell point pattern coats are seal. cinnamon and chocolate. The tortoiseshell lynx point colors are cinnamon and fawn. They can also come in smoke and silver.
The Javanese cats may appear to be fragile. but are surprisingly hard and muscular. These cats are extremely smart. They have been known the open cabinets and drawers with their paws and many may fetch for you. They may also lovingly greet you after being away. The Javanese cats will adjust to your routine and may become vocal if you are late with playtime or mealtime. There voice is gentler and softer than the Siamese. The Javanese cats are easy to groom. shed less and never mat. It has been suggested that their personalities may be linked to the individual color of the cat.
The Javanese Cats coat is relatively simple with regular combing and brushing.
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