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Japanese Bobtail Breed Information
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Japanese Bobtail
The Japanese Bobtail Cat has a coat that is either short or long that is silky and soft with no undercoat. The eyes are large and oval and color usually reflects the color of the coat. The head is long and chiseled with high cheekbones and a long nose. The muzzle is broad and rounded with a full chin. The ears are large. set wide. and upright. The torso is long and muscular with slender legs. The tail is unique to each cat and may be have curves. kinks or angles. The female Japanese Bobtails are medium in size and the males a little larger.
The Japanese Bobtail cats come in a variety of colors. The solid colors are white. black. blue. cream. and red. The bi-colors are black and white. red and white. blue and white. or cream and white. The parti-colors may be blue-cream. The parti-color and white colors may be tortoiseshell or blue-cream. The tortoiseshell colors are black. red. and cream. The tabby colors are brown. red. blue. silver. and cream. The patched tabby colors are blue. brown. and silver. The tabby and white colors are red. blue. brown. cream. or silver. The Mi-ke (tricolor) colors are white. black. red. dilute. patterned. dilute patterned. silver patterned. or smoke.
The Japanese Bobtails have either shorthaired or longhaired coats. These cats are very affectionate and may love to ride on the shoulders of their owner. The Japanese Bobtails are very active enjoying fetch. carrying things in mouth. and pouncing. The need plenty of attention and usually talk back when spoken to with a soft voice that is capable of lots of tones. They adjust well with other cats. dogs. children. traveling. and strange places. The Japanese Bobtails average litter size is three to four kittens. These kittens are rather large and being active and walking early. These kittens are born with tails. but not full tails.
The Japanese Bobtail cats are relatively simple to groom with regular combing.
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