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Himalayan Breed Information
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The Himalayan cat comes in many point colors. The point pattern cats are chocolate. seal. lilac. blue. flame. cream. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate-tortoiseshell and lilac-cream. The tabby point colored cats are seal. blue. chocolate. lilac. red and cream. The tortoiseshell tabby point pattern cats are seal. chocolate. lilac-cream and blue-cream. The lynx point pattern cats are seal. blue. flame. cream. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate. lilac. chocolate-tortoiseshell. and lilac-cream.
The Persian and the Siamese were crossbred to develop the Himalayan cat. The breeders wanted to combine the Persian type with the Siamese point coloring. In the beginning the offspring were bred to obtain the colorpoint pattern and the longhair. The offspring that were colorpoint longhairs were then bred back to the Persian breed. The offspring of this group was then interbred. The Himalayan with its long hair and colorpoint pattern was achieved after many years of breeding. In England the breed was recognized in 1955 after 10 years of perfecting the breed. In North America the Himalayan breed was recognized by 1957.
The Himalayan has a good-natured temperament and does not move about all the time. They tend to spend a lot of their time sleeping. They are active and like to play. but they do enjoy lap time. The Himalayan is very curious and love to be in the middle of whatever you are doing. They rarely jump. run or climb unless they have a sudden spurt of energy while playing. The Himalayan is less vocal than other cats. These cats adapt well to apartment living.
The Himalayan Cats coat requires thorough gentle brushing. Daily groomings are recommended to prevent matting.
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