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Exotic Shorthair Breed Information
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Exotic Shorthair
The Exotic Shorthair Cat has a coat that is medium in length. The coat is soft. dense and plush. The undercoat is thick and the hair is not close lying. The large eyes are round and bright setting level and apart. The color reflects the color of the coat. The small ears are slightly forward and round tipped. They are set wide and low on a huge. round head. The Exotic Shorthair cats have a nose that is short and wide with full cheeks. The body is large or medium in size with a wide chest. The legs are short and strong. The tail is short and usually carried with a curve.
The Exotic Shorthair Cats comes in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. blue. black. red. peke-face red. cream. chocolate and lilac. The silver cats are chinchilla. shaded. blue-chinchilla. blue-cream and blue-shaded. The golden cats are chinchilla. shaded. blue-chinchilla and blue-shaded. The shell cats are cameo. cream. chocolate. blue. black. blue-cream. lilac. lilac-cream. chocolate tortoiseshell and tortoiseshell. The shaded cats are cameo. cream. chocolate. blue. black. blue-cream. lilac. lilac-cream. chocolate tortoiseshell and tortoiseshell. The smoke cats are chocolate. lilac. black. blue. cream. red. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. lilac-cream and chocolate tortoiseshell. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel and spotted. The tabby cats are silver. blue-silver. red. peke-face red. brown. cream. cameo. blue. cream-silver. chocolate and lilac. The patched tabby cats are brown. silver. blue. chocolate and lilac. The calico cats can be van. dilute. van dilute. chocolate. van chocolate. lilac. and van lilac. The point cats can be chocolate. seal. lilac. blue. flame. cream. tortoiseshell and blue-cream. The lynx point pattern cats are seal. blue. flame. cream. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate. lilac. chocolate-tortoiseshell and lilac-cream. The tabby and white cats are red. brown. patched. classic. mackerel. spotted. van red. van brown. van patched. van classic. van mackerel and van spotted. The smoke cats are calico. dilute calico. chocolate calico and lilac calico. The Exotic Shorthair cats can also be tortoiseshell. chocolate tortoiseshell. bi-color. van bi-color. smoke and white. shaded and white. van shaded and white. tortoiseshell and white. blue-cream and white and van smoke and white.
The Exotic Shorthair cats are gentle. loving. playful and curious. These cats do not constantly want attention. but require more attention than some of the other shorthair breeds. The Exotic Shorthair cats have Persian qualities of good-nature and distinction. They may follow you from room to room. These cats love to play and will play until they are exhausted. You may find that the male Exotics are more loving than the females. Sometimes the females can be remote. The Exotic Shorthair cats mature late and stay playful as adults.
The Exotic Shorthair Cats coat is easy to maintain. Thorough daily brushing and combing is recommended.
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