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European Burmese Breed Information
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European Burmese
The European Burmese cat has a coat that is short and fine. There is almost no undercoat and the texture is satiny. The large and alert eyes are set apart with a slight slant toward the nose. The eyes are a bright yellow to amber. The medium-sized ears are wide at the base and are set apart with a small forward tilt. The head is somewhat rounded with wide cheekbones and a strong chin. The body is medium in size and length. The chest is strong and the body may be hard and muscular. The European Burmese cats may be heavier than they appear. The legs are slender and the tail length is medium.
The European Burmese cats come in a variety of colors and patterns. The solid cats are brown. blue. chocolate. lilac. red and cream. The tortoiseshell cats are brown. blue. chocolate and lilac. The coat will shade slowly to its roots. There is usually no smoke or ticking. The under parts of the cats are slightly paler in color than the back. Color and markings may be lighter in kitten and adolescents.
The European Burmese cats were founded from a line developed in the 1930s in North American. The Burmese and the European Burmese developed from this same line. A small walnut-brown female cat was acquired. A selective breeding program was established to Siamese cats in North America. By the 1940s the Burmese gained popularity in the United Kingdom. The breed spread to the United Kingdom where the breeding was to the Siamese cats as well. A different breeding program was then selected and today the European Burmese cats are very different from the European Burmese.
The European Burmese is a medium-sized shorthaired cat. These cats are extremely smart. loving and devoted. The European Burmese is an elegant cat that has good bone structure. The eyes are expressive with a sweet facial expression. These cats love people and make great companions. They do prefer the company of other animal. but can adjust to being the only pet.
The European Burmese cat is relatively simple to maintain. Once weekly brushing with brush or comb is recommended. Nail trims around every two weeks.
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