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Devon Rex Breed Information
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Devon Rex
The Devonshire Rex Cat has a coat that is short. soft. and fine with a rippled wave effect. The eyes are large. oval. wide-set and sloping toward ears. The eyes can be any color but usually minks have an aqua color and color points will be blue. The very large ears are wide and set low. The head is a modified wedge. which is a littler longer than wide. The cheeks are full with defined cheekbones and the muzzle is short. The chin is strong with a long slender neck. The body is medium in length with a broad chest and sturdy legs. This cat is hard and muscular. The long tail is fine and tapering.
The Devonshire Rex Cats come in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. cream. chocolate. lavender. cinnamon and fawn. The shaded cats are blue. chocolate. lavender. cameo. cream. cinnamon. fawn. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate tortoiseshell. cinnamon tortoiseshell. lavender-cream and fawn-cream. The smoke cats are black. blue. chocolate. lavender. cinnamon. cream. fawn. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate tortoiseshell. lavender-cream. cinnamon tortoiseshell. fawn-cream. blue silver and cream silver. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. spotted. ticked and patched. The tabby cats are silver. brown blue. red. cream. chocolate. chocolate silver. cinnamon. cinnamon silver. lavender. lavender silver. fawn. cameo and fawn silver. The tortoiseshell cats are chocolate and cinnamon. The calico cats are van. dilute. dilute van. fawn-cream. lavender-cream. cinnamon-cream. fawn-cream van. lavender-cream van and cinnamon-cream van. There is also shaded pattern. shaded silver. chinchilla. smoke pattern. red smoke cameo. calico. bi-color. van bi-color. pointed pattern and mink pattern.
The Devonshire Rex Cat is a young breed of cat that is shorthaired. The Devonshire Rex Cats are generally medium-sized cats. The average adult cat weight is between 6 to 9 pounds. with males being slightly heavier than females. These cats are friendly. smart and curious. These cats are very active. love to explore. and great jumpers. Their body temperature may seem warmer. but is the same as other cats. You might find them in places that are warmer like the heat vent or television. They love to share your bed and sneak under the covers to share body heat. These cats want to be involved and will most likely be in your lap or on your shoulders. The Devonshire Rex cats love to eat anything you may be eating and if you leave that empty bag lying around. it just might walk off! Their short hair sheds a lot less than many other cats. A person with allergies to animals may be able to tolerate these cats. but you should arrange to handle one before purchasing.
The Devonshire Rex Cats coat requires very gentle stroking. A soft mitt is recommended rather than a brush. Regular ear cleaning is also necessary for its rather large ears.
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