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British Shorthair Breed Information
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British Shorthair
The British Shorthair Cat comes in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. chocolate. lilac. fawn. cinnamon and cream. The tabby cats are silver. blue-silver. chocolate-silver. lilac-silver. red-silver. cream-silver. chocolate tortoiseshell silver. black tortoiseshell silver. lilac-cream silver. blue. lilac. chocolate. brown. silver. blue-cream. brown tortoiseshell. cream. red. chocolate tortoiseshell and lilac-cream (patterns can be classic. mackerel or spotted). The patched cats can be blue tortoiseshell and white. black tortoiseshell and white. chocolate tortoiseshell and white. black and white. lilac tortoiseshell and white. chocolate and white. blue and white. red and white. lilac and white. and cream and white. The tortoiseshell colors can be lilac. chocolate. black and blue-cream. The smoke colors can be black. chocolate. lilac. blue. cream. red. black tortoiseshell. lilac tortoiseshell. cream tortoiseshell. and blue-cream tortoiseshell.
The British Shorthair is recognized as one of the oldest English breed of cat. Its ancestry can be traced back to the domestic cat of Rome. This cat was first valued for its strength and hunting attributes. but soon became known for its calmness. loyalty and stamina. This cat is very rare in the United States. In the 1980s the British Shorthair was recognized for championship competition by the CFA. Many of these cats are being imported today from. New Zealand. Australia. Ireland and England to increase the gene pool for US breeders because of the gaining popularity of this cat.
The British Shorthair is a great companion. They are extremely smart and have an easy-going nature. Animal trainers for films and commercials love to work with this breed. This cat is very aware of its surroundings and its environment. This independent cat is very freedom loving. The British Shorthair is a larger sized cat and prefers to be on the ground. These cats reach maturity after a full three to five years.
The British Shorthair Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. Regular combing is recommended.
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