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Bombay Breed Information
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The Bombay Cats coat is close lying. fine. satin-like and and shiny. The coat length is short. The eyes are large and set far apart. In the United States the Bombay Cats eye color may be from gold to copper. In the United Kingdom the Bombay Cats eye color may be gold. yellow to green. The ears are wide at the bottom. set well apart. tilting slightly forward with rounded tips. The head has no angles and is rounded with a full face and short. snub nose. The muzzle is rounded with a firm chin. The legs are proportionate to the body and the tail is straight. The Bombay Cats are a medium sized cat that is muscular.
The Bombay Cats should be jet-black from the roots to the tips. The kittens may be lighter in color and then darken with age. Black is the only recognized color. however. there are many other colors.
The Bombay Cats have a temperament and many behavioral characteristics like the Burmese cat. They require attention and are affectionate. These cats have a distinctive voice and may purr a lot. The Bombay Cats are generally sedate and adapt to apartment living. These cats prefer to be a dominant cat in the home and would accept a dog more easily than another cat. They are very smart and can be leash trained. retrieve things. do tricks. and play games. The Bombay Cats need to be neutered or spayed between 6 to 9 months old. These cats mature sexually very quickly and have been known to breed as early as 5 months of age. They reach physical development maturity at about two years of age. The Bombay Cats are relatively strong and healthy breed. They do however share one unfortunate trait with the Burmese having to do with craniofacial defect. This is a genetic disorder affecting the skull development in unborn kittens. The results of the genetic disorder are kittens born with a severely deformed head. These kittens will need to be euthanized at birth. There are few lines of Bombay cats that do not have this genetic disorder. however pedigree research should be done to find these bloodlines.
The Bombay Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. But does require a little extra grooming.
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