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Birman Breed Information
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The Birman Cat has color pointed features on the face. ears. legs and tail. These cats come in a variety of point and pattern colors. The Point cat colors are seal. lilac. red. cream. chocolate. blue or lilac cream. The Tortoiseshell point cat colors are seal. lilac. and chocolate. The Lynx point cat colors are seal. blue. chocolate. lilac. red. cream. seal tortoiseshell. chocolate tortoiseshell. blue cream. and lilac cream.
The Birman Cat is considered a semi-longhair. The Birman Cat is more active than the Persian and quieter and less active than the Siamese. The Birman Cats have a gently temperament and are very loyal. These cats are also individualistic. The Birman Cats are a good healthy breed. The females (queens) mature rapidly and are mature around 7 months. These females are usually very attentive mothers. The Birman Cat has a litter with an average of three kittens. The Birman Cats are very popular in the United States ranking third in the most loved popular rankings.
The Birman Cats coat is relatively simple with regular combing and brushing.
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