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Bengal Breed Information
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The Bengal Cat coat is a shorthair cat with a short to medium length coat. This coat is dense. close lying and silky. The eyes are oval and set wide. The eyes are mainly gold. but can be gold-green. The ears are medium to small in size. The head is broad with rounded contours. slightly longer than wide. The nose is large and wide. The muzzle is full with prominent cheekbones and a strong chin. The neck is long and muscular. The body is long with medium length legs and large round feet.
The Bengal Cat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. These colors and patterns include brown spotted tabby. brown marbled tabby. seal sepia spotted tabby. seal mink spotted tabby. seal spotted lynx point. seal sepia marbled tabby. and seal marbled lynx point. The markings on the brown tabby can be tan. black or variations of brown. The marbled patterns are usually random with horizontal variations.
The Bengal is an exotic looking cat that is playful. loving. and smart. The Bengal is medium to large in size and is well muscled. The female weighs on average 7 to 11 pounds and the males are 11 to 18 pounds. These cats love the water and may make a splash in the sink or shower. The Bengal can be easily leashed trained. These cats love to jump and climb in high places and learn tricks easily. The fourth generation and more cats are considered to be domestic cats.
The Bengal is relatively easy to maintain. Regular stroking and some brushing is recommended.
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